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Claus Sterneck / Claus in Iceland
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Wolfgang Sterneck
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Miss Moon:

this is not a mass movement it is a fragmented network, an autonomous web, a crystalline comunication, a celebration of the beauty of chaos. this is not a surface distortion, it is a disassembly of the structure of power, where no new singular order will arise.
there's kids out there playing in the streets fucking shit up and creating chaos. reclaim the streets, system corrupt, scan, mutiny block, ohms not bombs, the desert mob, lab rats, indy media, sheila autonomista, all the autonomous crews... making zines, making parties, making films, making music, making noise, taking buildings, taking roads, building barricades, blockading, gathering crowds, painting, paint bombing, postering, vandalising, rewiring, hacking and dancing. using their bodies claiming space, making us heard.
and for some fucking weird reason i still believe in art, and i suppoes its like all the things you love, its what hurts the most. because the place that 'art' occupies in this culture makes me sick. all those middle class wankers trading on the cred of difference, makes me sad and ashamed to believe in art as a site of resistance.
so i need to talk about politics and i realise thats a very bad thing to do. party politics don't interest me.
and this is not about single issues, i'm one of those annoying people who thinks everything is about politics. being called a fag in the street, trying to get a job that you hate, worrying about how to pay the rent and wether you'll be granted immigration status.... all the stuff that can really fuck up your day and is part of a much bigger picture of intimidation and control.
what we need is a new kind of politics and don't talk to me about revolution, i don't want to reach an end point. what we need is a new kind of politics some way up out of this boredom and turmoil some way to seize our own power. a newly politicized art and culture, a politics unrecognizable, this is a time for mongrels.
who are the players? its the new kids the political types, the anarchists, the queers and the fags, the homos and the trannies. its the dance crews, the noise makers, the reclaimers and the squatters, its the kids learning the skills and cracking the code.
in the newly resolved egalitarian, post feminist, post colonial free market globalised economy; where we've got it all, what's missing? look for the gaps. everyones sitting in their bunkers talking about the need to fight. NO. its time for some side stepping, some fancy moves. start reading between the lines, start reading across the lines, realise; your'e the only one who allows the lines to exist.
where do you draw the line? where do you draw the line?...this is a territorial take over, its a corporate soul fuck, its a media head job. its all for sale.
where do you draw the line?
im starving and i can find anything to eat. the streets are all full of fast food wrappers and candy. i'm so lonely and i cant find anyone to talk to, just billboards and advertising blocking out the sky. i'm burning i need a fix, ive got to fill this need, im hungry im burning i need a fix.
this is the corporate soul fuck, this is the media head job, this is a territorial takeover. on the corner there's two dogs fucking their eyes are glazed hot. there's the smell of gasoline in the air. it might rain. but you cant wash this kind of shit away. this is the corporate soul fuck, this is the media head job, this is a territorial take over. where do you draw the line? its money in your pocket, a guaranteed income, its your hearts desire, i'm hungry i'm burning i need a fix.
oh capitalism you're so deep inside of me. hey baby you got oil? you got as little something to grease the wheels?
its a media territory, a fast war. i'm hot to shop! you got a little something to grease the wheels? this is the corporate soul fuck.
when i was a kid i used to dream of being at war, TV movies of soldiers and heroes.
when i was a kid i used to dream of being at war, now i realise we are.
long before the media blitz of cnn's 'attack on america' the world has been filled with war, territorial and religious feuds, battles for oil and power. resistance tho is not as simple as the drawing of lines and the fundamentalist distinction between good and evil.
the joining of media, market and transnational capital has lead to a monopoly; an increasing dominance of the messages and ideologies of those who control most of the resources. this is a propaganda war.
the media is a capitalist commodity serving to commodify and codify all experiences into the capitalist context, to perpetuate its own values.
spread the word that the mainstream media serves only those who serve themselves, propagating banality and justifying corruption. spread the word, break the lie of alienation.
in a back alley two figures are assembling something out of cardboard boxes. they stencil a window grid on each of the tall structures. a recording of a news report is playing. this is a reenactment of the world trade centre bombings. when the fireballs errupt the whols crowd is yelling and screaming.
reclaim the streets number 9 running,,,im running across the roof of a police car..and i feel like one of charlies angels...its just like on TV... and i feel like a star!
i am not a niche market. the factors of my identity will not be reduced into an interesting variable, a method of distinction, a classification by which i may better fit into the capitalist consuming whole; my difference catered for, myself consumed in turn.

note the freedom with which transnational capital moves; while people are forced into ever narrower lives. while borders are tightened to stop people fleeing for their lives. and governments encourage divisions as a toll of control. this is a territorial take over.
there is no public space. just places where you can shop and drive and work to spend. just try to push the limits and you'll soon find out how public space is.
this is not bussiness as usual. we are blocking the roads so you can go to work or shop. weve got better things to do with our time. were not selling anything, were giving it away. were creating an action that is beyound the logic of consumerism.
at night outside the baxter detention centre theres a small crew of kids making runs at the fence, the riot cops move intot he front line preparing to charge, as they assemble some one starts to sing the storm troopers anthem from starwars, the rest of the crowds tak it up and the cops look so fucking stoopid all their macho shit blown to peices.
we will fuck with your contested sites, we will walk across borders, we will cross the line, we will put the writing on the wall. we will go to far and then some, because even thats probably not far enough. we will reach out and grab what we can and we will keep on trying to imagine beyond the confines of this fucked up mediatised and commodified existence. because we know that there is something else.
in the society that abolishes all adventure the only adventure is the abolition of that society. (debord)
you owe nothing to the past, you owe nothing to the law, gain your freedom! (cixous)
Thanks to Jet Moon.

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