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American Boyz:

Q: What does 'transgendered' mean?
A: 'Transgendered' means someone who transcends the conventional definitions of 'man' and 'woman'. Butch lesbians, transsexuals, radical faeries, boss girls, crossdressers, drag queens, sissies, tomboys, and many other kinds of people vary from the conventional expectations of their birth gender.
Q: Isn't it a psychological disorder of some kind?
A: Conventional medical diagnosis recognizes several kinds of psychiatric disorders relating to gender, such as 'gender identity disorder', 'gender dysphoria', 'transsexualism', and so forth. Many transgendered people, however, believe very strongly that the right to choose one's own destiny is not a pathology; but is instead the sign of a mature, thoughtful, and intelligent adult.
Q: Aren't transgendered people just gay or lesbian people who are so deeply closeted &hey can't acknowledge their true orientation?
A: Transgenderism cuts across all orientations, all races, all economic classes, and all walks of life. Some transgendered people prefer members of their own sex, some prefer members of the opposite some. Some change their preference after adopting a transgendered lifestyle. Some do not. Some prefer transgendered people, some prefer people who are not transgendered. There is no correlation between sexual orientation and gender identity.
Q: Do transgendered people consider themselves to be part of the queer community?
A: Many transgendered people proudly consider themselves to be queer and work tirelessly to support the queer community. Others feel they have no connection to the queer community and do not participate in queer life. However, all transgendered people are perceived as being part of the queer community by people who are not well informed about gender and orientation. Therefore, regardless of whether transgendered people consider themselves queer or not, they are subjected to harassment, discrimination and violence because they are perceived to be queer.
 Q: Is violence a real issue?
A: No authoritative study has been undertaken yet, but smaller studies suggest that as many as 80% of the transgendered population has been physically assaulted, 80% have feared for their lives or well being, and 50% have been sexually assaulted. Transgendered youth are especially at risk.
Q: How can I learn more?
A: Contact your local gay and lesbian community center, even if they do not have Ttransgendered' in their mission statement most of them have information about gender education and support groups for their area.
This information provided courtesy of the American Boyz.
The American Boyz is a mailing list for gender variant guys of any orientation and those who support them; including but not limited to tomboys, butches, f2ms, transmen, drag kings, intersexuals, with our SOs, friends, family, and allies.

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