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Claus Sterneck / Claus in Iceland
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Wolfgang Sterneck
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Massimo & Pierce :
In our vision Sexuality is more than just "exchange of saliva between perfumed corpses". Is Experimentation. Ritual. Magic. Cultus. Is thee Expression ov our innermost Self. Thee way to assert our Individuality. Peculiarity. Uniqueness. Thee stairway to Ecstasy. Thee path to Joy. It's our way to state our points ov view. Our way to be Sovversiv. Dissident. Underground. Anarchist. A Game that sometimes is Ceremony. Rite. Mass. Sometimes is Delirium. Catharsis. Often it's KHAOS. It's thee Connection with thee Animal in us. Safe Exploration. Joy through Disobedience. Everything fornicates all ov thee time. It's Liturgy. Pagan Communion ov Flesh and Subconscious. It's being inside, around and over each others. It's being thee Other. Being One with thee Other. Being whole. Self-LoVe. Ancestral Orgy. Hellish Feast. Heavenly Sabbath. Eating, drinking, vomiting each others. And backwards. And beyond. Disorder in Safety. Annihilation in Pleasure. Annulment ov limits and delaies. It's being Ourselves. Shameless. Honestly. It's Absolute Trust. Willing Abandonment to Other's desires. Thee Other is thee One. LoVe is the Law. LoVe under Will.
I am above you and in you. My ecstasy is in yours. My joy is to see your joy
We live our Sexuality in full consciousness. We don't beleive in politically correctness. Sex is a natural thing. Sex is about flesh, smells and tastes, sperm and saliva, urine and mucus. If you already had a look at thee pictures on this website you'd had realised that we have, and we show, what they use to call "unsafe sex". We play "unsafe" beacuse we are in the lucky position that allows us to do it. It means that we do it ONLY between us. It means that we ALWAYS play safe when WE decide to share our sexuality with someone else. This is our Law. Without exceptions.
We do NOT support or promote unsafe sex. We are NOT interested in bare-backing, piss-drinking, sperm-eating or whatever else. We DO IT, ov course, but ONLY on our private playground. We don't even support the consumistic attitude towards sex that thee so-called gay culture has developed throughout the last decades. Sex's became a supermarket and people just goodies on the shelf: the more you have the happier you are; the more you get the more you want. Poduce. Consume. Die. Bodies are notches on your belt, assholes are trophies, cocks are numbers. You do need them to fulfil your Ego. "Untill you wake up one day and find that you're a number too..."
Being sexually exposed, like we used to be, get us in contact with every kind ov human and sub-human: sex-addicted consumed by abusing themselves and the others. Often some ov these sex-sick-people misunderstood our work thinking we were available to do OUR things with them too. What we've learnt coming too close to such disgusting auras is that, when sex becomes a magic state like in our case, one has the duty to protect himself (and his sexuality - and his LoVe - and thee One he loves) from demons and monsters, from suckers and deceivers, from abusers and loosers. That's why we've decided to reduce the waste and to write this statement.
Dueing to our former sexworker's profession (hustling, running a sexclub and organizing sex-parties) we had to deal for a long time with other's people's sex fantasies and we realised that for most ov our guests the most important thing was WHAT they could have from sex. For most ov them doesn't matter from WHO they have it as long as someone gives them what they need. And, being sexworkers, we were often thee ones who gave them what they need... but on our private sexual territory we behave just the opposite: doesn't matter WHAT as long we gave it to, or we get it from, thee Other. To be outspoken: in the safety ov our sexual relationship there is nothing we avoid to do but outside ov these boundaries our law is always PLAY SAFE!
Everything Fornicates All Of The Time
Massimo & Pierce / Black Sun Productions
 Thanks to Massimo.

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