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Claus Sterneck / Claus in Iceland
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Wolfgang Sterneck
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Louis Fleischauer:


The death kiss of a hungry blade entering flesh. A wound is born, enflaming Promethean fire. Blood: mirror of life, reflecting birth and mortality, staining skin in demonic beauty. The fragrance that unleashes primal instincts and awakens Deep Desire. Omniscience unveiled in liquid books of ecstasy.

Over the last 6 years I have utilized blood in public rituals with the Aesthetic Meat Front (A-M-F). Blood, as the key to the unconscious, invoker of death fear and primal instincts.

There are few experiences that make me feel so alive as the moment when needles are removed from my head and fresh blood runs down my face. Letting me comprehend and stand in awe of the gift of life as the blood escapes my body.

No one is safe during an A-M-F ritual; there is no border between stage and audience. Everyone becomes a participant and is exposed to the knowledge of blood, as gallons of animal blood are distributed among the crowd. A primal revival for those who are willing to open up to the world of red shadows. Discomfort, confusion and fear for others.

In the rituals of A-M-F, pain, blood, meat and fire serve as form of 'sacrifice' towards the daimonic self, by creating a link between the mind and the Deep Desire. Each drop of blood is an invocation of the primal instinct, celebrating the purity of blood in the tradition of ancient rituals.

Blood sacrifices played an essential part in the life of our ancestors. The entire globe is stained by blood. It didn't matter if you asked for rain, a victorious war, or for the sun to return in the morning, blood was the aphrodisiac to persuade the gods. One of the most significant rituals in the Norse Religion was the festival at Uppsala in Sweden. Every nine years, for nine days, one human and a wide variety of animals, including birds, were to be offered daily. "The sacrifice is as follows: of every living creature they offer nine head(s), and with the blood of those it is the custom to placate the gods, but the bodies are hanged in a grove which is near the temple; so holy is that grove to the heathens that each tree in it is presumed to be divine by reason of the victim's death and putrefaction. There also are dogs and horses hang along with men." ("Magistri Adam Bremensis Gesta Hammaburgensis ecclesiae pontificum". Adam of Bremen. Bishop of Hamburg, 1069.)

The 'Blood Eagle' was one of most poetic forms of ritual violence in Norse religion. High ranking enemies where sacrificed to Odhinn. Their ribcages were hacked open on each side of the spine, so that the lungs could be torn out to resemble the eagle.

In Crete, the celestial bull was appeased by the lives of a dozen virgins yearly.

China's ancestral spirits had an appetite for beheaded war prisoners, especially during the Shang dynasty, which is considered as bloodthirsty as the Aztec era.

In honor of the Aztec's earth mother goddess Teteoinnan, a woman's skin was peeled off and carried to a temple. The priest then wore her skin in order to become the goddess herself. The sacrifice for the sun god Huitzilopochtli was held on the top of the 'great pyramid'. A captured warrior was bound spread eagle over the sacrificial stone. Five priests held his limbs and his head, while a sixth cut open the victims ribcage with an obsidian knife, removed his heart, and held it towards the sun. After this the priest would take some blood and smear it on the lips of a statue that resembled the sun god. The dead warrior's heart was put in a bowl beneath the statue. The extinct body was then decapitated and flung down the stairs of the pyramid while his spirit joined the sun.

The drive for the blood thirst of the Aztecs was "Tonally"(animating spirit), the energy that keeps the universe in motion. This energy is the essential nourishment of the gods. The core source of this alluring energy is the nectar of life. Human blood radiates with this animating spirit.The "Tonally" of the Aztecs fits well into the orgone concept of Wilhelm Reich. Orgone is a life energy comparable with od, chi, prana or aether, which Reich discovered during microscopical experiments with ameba. At later research with blood samples Wilhem Reich found a high concentration of orgone within the red blood cells. Under the microscope he observed orgone as a blue glow around living blood cells. This energy and its history makes blood the perfect catalyst for the mind. The vividness of blood has also deep psychological roots, especially when it comes to the act of bloodletting. By using your own blood you create a link between your subconscious and the numinous world of endless realities. The sole act of bloodletting is a ritual in itself, prodigious enough to easily send you into a state of neither/neither (in-betweenness/or a form of trance). Steel in your hand, a hand that inflicts pain upon its own flesh. A blade enters your body, splitting the flesh open, gushing with blood, invoking images of an ejaculating cunt. The sight of blood leaving your body awakens nightmares of your own fatality, a fear is conquered, skin bejeweled with new patterns. You have become the Lord of your temple of meat.

Unfortunately the sexual aspect of bloodletting has lost some of its power due to its popularity in mainstream gothic culture and the de-sensitizing that comes with it. Hollywood teases you with artificial blood, preying upon your instincts. You become the victim on the other side of the screen, exited by the sight of movie blood, ravenous for ecstasy, yet never satisfied - this red screen can't cure the numbness that the anticipation for blood promised to take away. At the end you're more de-sensitized than before. The smell of blood is not penetrating your brain; you can't feel it running down your throat still warm and full of life. Your eyes do not reflect its fury. It is not on your hands, dripping down your fingers. Neither is it leaving your open wounds. Nothing is real - no one dies and no one feels alive. "Living" in a culture wasteland that has become a graveyard to spirituality, it is now more than ever our obligation to realize the necessity to cleanse our minds in blood. Unless we want to join humanity's celebration of its own de-volution, we must defend our mind and unleash the beast within us, so it may slay the vulture that feast's on the flesh of our souls.

There are endless ways to dive into this purifying vortex of blood. Saddam Hussein gave his blood over a period of 3 years to a team of calligraphers to paint the Koran with his blood (BBC). Catholic nuns and monks prefer to flagellate themselves until their backs are drenched in blood (seems red wine is no substitute for blood). Artists like Herman Nitsch, Ron Athey, Gina Pane, Diamanda Galas, Stelarc, (to name but a few) all utilize the sharpness of blood in their own unique ways to force their message beneath the skin of the audience. Gnostic sects used lunar or menstrual blood as the sacred ingredient in magic recipes; mixed with sperm it was baked into a host (a consecrated wafer), for a kiss of auto-cannibalism. Menstrual flux sticks to the hands and thighs of Taoist alchemists and stains the books of Aleister Crowley. The red moon transforms bed sheets into altar cloths and adorns temple walls with her distinctive power. With this I lay my pen into the hand that bleeds me so well, the hand of a scarlet woman willing to exhume her lunar secrets.

Louis Fleischauer / Aesthetic Meat Foundation
VIAL Magazine

Aesthetic Meat Foundation / Blood Sun Rising

Thanks to Louis Fleischauer

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