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Claus Sterneck / Claus in Iceland
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Wolfgang Sterneck
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Aesthetic Meat Foundation:


The Ultimate goal of the A-M-F rituals is to reach a moment of true Self-awareness through an intense carnal experience. Our musik is especially designed for these ritual. A combination of ancient shaman rituals with modern technology, blood, chunks of raw meat, fire, explosives, sirens, strobe lights and live body modifications are all means to reach this goal.


We live in bad dream written by George Orwell. The book of prophecy is called 1984. Newspeak slowly becomes the dominant language. The reality of war has been reduced to the sterility of a PG 13 video game.
It is now, more than ever, crucial to not resign or dwell in apathy. The army of hopelessness has no pity for its soldiers. The time has come to wake up. Keep passion alive!

The focus of this ritual is to traumatize the participants (performers and audience alike) into a state of rapture and use this energy as a catalyst for deprogramming from a consumer friendly reality, spiked with fears and anxieties. By invoking the primal instinct we are releasing our inner powers, thus reaching a state of true Self-awareness. These moments are the keys to realize that there is more to life than what we have been programmed to believe.

Can you feel your deep desire burning,
Are you afraid of your temple of flesh,
Are you afraid to lose your mind in the abyss of ecstasy,
Look around you, are you fulfilled living in this reality,
Is you PC flesh satisfied,
Does your media brain need an upgrade,
Thank you for being a valuable part of the economic food chain,
Every human is a potential threat to our security,

Consume terrorists everywhere,
Sleeper cells that will never awaken, for they've died long ago,
Feed your innermost flame,
Cut open your flesh, inflame your mind, re-open your wounds,
This moment only is true,
Spirit cleansed in pain, burned in pleasure and reborn in blood,

Temple of Flesh set my soul on fire!


I will not watch silently as the last remains of human intelligence are buried in a cultural wasteland,
I will not eat up your lies or consume your persuasions,
I will not stand still in a media jungle of non-information,
I will not surrender to a mass media invented reality,
I will not obey a limited freedom of speech. your so called liberties are a spit in the face,
I will take my birth given right of Self-expression by force, implying the weapons of my mouth, my hands, my body-
I will infect the world with the reflections of my mind!

Every written word, every spoken thought, every drawn image, every scar on my body is

a ritual against disintegration of mind,
a ritual against human devolution,
a ritual as means of self-awareness
a ritual as purest form of resistance

Wake up, lay fire upon the prison of mental genocide, defend you mind and fight!


Aesthetic Meat Foundation
VIAL Magazine

Louis Fleischauer / Blood Unveiled

Thanks to Louis Fleischauer


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