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Luix Saldaña:


After passing from one hand to the next, from one voice to another voice, the skillfully carved Talking-Stick finally reaches The Dreamer’s hands... The Sacred Microphone... no one is allowed to interrupt the speaker holding such a stick... the attendance at The Tribal Council’s Tipi has swell well and no one can tell if there’s room for more bodies. Long time Elders and Many Tribal Leaders are brain-storming on new ways and lively discussing The Alter-Natives Re-Evolution Document... at the center right in the heart, Grandfather Fire provides warmth and protection, wisdom and guidance and lighting up the place sends out ghost-like dancing reflections, moving spirit-shadows and restless haze-faces...outside The Human Drumming Machine is going for a regular 24 hours a day spin... The Heart-Beat of The Rainbow Dream... so Talking-Stick in hand The Dreamer takes a moment to gather his thoughts and humbly praying to The Great Spirit for a clear mind and a clean channeling gently commences to speak...

”When The Earth is ravaged
and The Animals are dying,
a new tribe shall come unto The Earth
from many colors, classes, creeds
and who by their actions and deeds...
shall make The Earth Green again.
They will be known as...
The Warriors of The Rainbow”.
- Old Native American Prophecy -

“Magic in the image, angels dream-land. Within the rainbow nation every body is familiar with that beautiful prophecy and we all want to believe it, and we are proud of it... so do we want to really make it come true? Do we truly want to make it happen? Do we want to walk together and grow in a good way?... are we aware of the commitment entailed in the adoption of such a prophecy?... are we ready for such a commitment?... If so... then lets get moving with the energy, lets let the image unfold within the waves of our existence, just like the most wonderful ever all around-good film: plot, atmosphere, imagery, music, characters and all. Lets make our life’s a permanent tribal piece of art”...

Shifting bodies restlessly sight.
Some in the circle prematurely evaluate.
“One more whacko, one more long ego-speech...”
and their talking-minds voicelessly responding;
“living the prophecy?...
that is just what we are doing here...”
But flying in concentration and absolutely undisturbed, Brother Dream-Rhymer continues...

“Openness to collective impeccability will place us much higher upon the scale of evolution and while we kiss the spirit we will be in a permanent connection with holiness, because... Evolution is the law of life”.

A quiet assent from The Original Elders favorably inclines the energetic mood towards The Dreamer’s Collective Dream and The Dreamer fully focused crank’s the Dream on...

“I know that in a very general way we are a truly extremely relaxed tribe and many of us out there are either too comfortable or have no faith in something this simple and so clean, The Alter-Natives Re-Evolution Scheme. You know? It is not about big sacrifices, nor ritualistic pain, each to its own choosing, but we have to keep the song evolving to the point of a perfect symphony. Nobody is an island, we are all part of the score, we just have to commit to a form. Do you want to be part of the casting for this piece of peace?...

By playing the game of “freedom” meaning no organization or very little, no structures or very little, we are exactly playing the harmless rebel part that has being designed for us. Rainbow warriors on dope, with a rope. Unorganized and structure-less, we are an easy target, piece of cake, no you have a watch, do we have any time left? No successful group nor productive individual has yet avoided manipulation by mr. Big, but groups together, unified circles, and goodwill partnerships have a bigger chance to stand that stance... would you like to dance?... will you dance with me?... will us all together dance for peace and realization?”

The Tribal Opinion is very whimsical, it is just a processed reflection of the system’s public opinion, it goes back and forth according to the seasons and the weather, and most of us don’t like to hear Naked Truths, but the whole thing makes sense and tribal people are more sensible in this regard, so they all within the circle, take it like “real men”, and Dreamer Brother-Man goes on to deliver some more...

“Generalization is a two way street, and even more exposing, it is a two edge sword, so with this in mind i will like to send out a call of attention for this point that here i come to mention... that the particularities of The Rainbow Nation change from one individual to another, and more so from one country to another, that the whole rainbow spectrum includes all kinds of creatures dancing the Ying and yang dance: negative and positive, casual and committed, weak and strong, givers and takers, arrogant and humble etc. so in many cases you find rainbow-heads totally busy in being full time stone-heads, and just further up we find the ones busily walking the Indians spiritual path, sweat lodge, vision quest and all the rest, then on the other side we will find the hard working ones tirelessly building community life, then in a colorful ego-display we will normally see the rainbow super-star, and goes on for long with all the infinite variations of human-kind... so i just wanted to point out that local networks, culture and economy are a determinant factor on how we walk the rainbow path...”

Clarification or confusion, The Dreamer feels closer to a solution so he builds more on the infusion...

“I know, i have gone on and on, and then and again underlining and highlighting so much this theme of organizing and making structures, orchestrating and putting order into tribes, that many of you may think that i’m a square fanatic, walking around with a notepad making lines and calculations, and that i’m a files order and archives freak and all that. Well i’ll tell you, i do have some kind of bourgeoimamathosis tale to tell, i do fluffy-fly flowing within the four fine-flavored flames of the fancy phantoms and i like to think of myself as a respectable Mazahua indian and a Rainbow diplomat, and i am working hard to have as much comfort as is decently necessary: nice toys and great tools, up to date world music, organic first rate food and fine cuisine, cotton, wool and silk clothing and accessories. Of course all with sobriety and balance, otherwise, there will be no chance for the next dance... and by the way, i do walk around from time to space, and in and out of dimensions with a notepad in my hands-head, slowly sliding down the sky-way writing some kind of calculations... cosmic inspirations, rhymes for freedom, verses for stars, renegade prose, cries for justice and musical callings for the return of magic and logic...”

The poet flies along... The Dreamer makes another song... the circle shifts uneasy, the wheel skips a beat, but The Rolling Dreamer is already a channel, an instrument and a voice in the powerful lead of the great soul, it is not up to him any more, the control is out of his will... so in The Dreamers body and with the dreamers voice, The Spirit leads on with...

yet another prophecy...

“The tasks of these “Warriors of the Rainbow” are many and great. There will be terrifying mountains of ignorance to conquer and they shall find prejudice and hatred. They must be dedicated, unwavering in their strength, and strong of heart. They will find willing hearts and minds that will follow them on this road of returning “Mother Earth” to beauty and plenty. Once more”
By Lelanie Stone: from her web-page

“Well earth siblings, i don’t want to turn you off with these theme, particularly you, the ones that come from the most “civilized” countries, where “they” have scared the shit out of you with so much order, authority and structures, that you want to bail out and don’t know where to hide from it, and that you have developed such an allergic reaction to all that, that you don’t know where to turn to for the cure.

From my point of view your reaction is a cultural one, just like my attitude about order is, because i come from a very unorganized and chaotic system and that might make me want or need some kind of anchor and bureaucratic harmony, but also “my people” is very family oriented and tribal structures are very natural to us, and most of these are normally used for the good of the group...”

The spirit channeling through The Dreamer is on the lose, feeling and rapidly processing the dreamers life experiences, seriously takes on Luixe’s roll...

“I also think that the kind of order and structures that many of you have experienced, have being calculated for the control of every thing that can be controlled, specially you”.

On deciding that the coming lines are not her business and for that matter, neither none of the other lines, The She-Spirit reluctantly chooses not to interfere any longer and spiritually vacates The Vessel-Dreamer... and The Dreamer back from limbo, keeps on with the rainbow lingo...

“So my position is that we can use a kind of order and structures designed to make us more independent in many different ways. Ways that will give us more freedom than we ever dreamed off, structures that will give us wings to fly off without limits within the limits of love, life and beauty... and new ways to forever better gather together”.

The circle is wheeling, the wheel is reeling peeling rust and blowing dust, and they all have the rolling feeling that tribal things need to move on, that leadership and structures may not be that bad, and what’s more, many in there think that these are badly needed but thirty years of a program are not easy to deprogram, so the circle’s feelings wheel back and forth while the dreamer keeps wheeling on...

“The past is lost in time and the future is rapidly shrinking, so the only assured time we really have and when we are able to exercise the most control is right now... now, now, now. We are supposed to be the fulfillment of the prophecy; well hermanasos, lets assume it, now, lets do it, now, lets not fuck it up and lets make the Hopis and the rest of the far-seers, look good and the true prophets of the vision.

The following is an statement from the Maya Zapatistas of Chiapas Mexico:
“Our blood and our world have lighted a small fire in the mountains as we march against the house of money and control of the powerful, brothers and sisters of other races, other languages and other colors, but with the same heart, protect our light and drink from the same fire. The arrogant, wish to extinguish a rebellion which they mistakenly believe began in the dawn of 1994. But this rebellion which has a swarthy face and an indigenous language was not born today, it spoke before with other languages in many mountains and many histories”

All dressed up in white buffalo hide, suspended above The Circle of The Rainbow-Dreamers, ether-like in the brightness of the dusk, The She-Spirit is aching to go back into The Dreamer’s mouth, some how all this is so important for every ones survival that at least for just a moment she will love to be a mortal amongst this lovely circle... The Dreamer sensing her presence and her anxiety, as if talking to let her know that he is on the right track and there is no need to worry about him loosing the chosen path, continues with the next lines...

“I want to stress out the importance of a relationship of mutual support with traditional peoples, the survival of the indigenous and aboriginal tribes and their cultures is directly linked with our survival and ultimately with the survival of the planet. The day the last traditional human being dies or abandons his or her own traditions, there will be no more land left for living, every part of it will be fenced around to be used up for business in the ultimate exploitation. There will be no hope of finding magic and logic again... at least not for a long time... a very long time. For they are the keepers of ancient wisdom, the jewels of freedom, they hold the keys and secret codes for other dimensions, other planes, they are the bridge to magical healing and they are our last link with the primal spirit... after that is total robot time in an absolutely controlled digital synthetic cage, and nature will be recorded, classified and electronically kept in some obscure government archives and presented to us by the global markets in a fancy museum display as a dangerous and happily extinct thing of the past”...

The Elders quietly agree, The Tribal Leaders are totally with it and The Buffalo She-Spirit breaths out with relief... by now a circular energetical connection like a working complicity, has been established between The Dreamer and The She-Spirit, and with that blessing, Brother-Dreams-Builder easily opens up his heart...

“All i want to do is to preach by example, doing such a good job living the logical clean natural life, so full that all kinds of people will want to join us. I want us to develop an active philosophy of service, that will touch the hearts of every being that comes in contact with us...
love overflows and changes every thing it touches.
So my hermanasos, i’m speaking from the heart,
hear me, feel me and talk to me,
lets join hands, spirits dance rejoice,
joining hands we dance,
joining souls we flow into the source of the magical whole,
mother earth and father cosmos...”

All bro-sis in the tipi are swimming in the holiness of the moment, fully living it and blissfully expecting the rest of the text... Brother-Dreamer absolutely aligned with such a spiritual influence opens up some more...

“Get out of the city,
far from noise and lights,
look up in a moonless night,
see the sea of stars,
relate to them,
map them out,
connect them with lines and circles,
dream them with magical meanings,
celebrate and live by them,
more connected day by day.
The better we dance with the whole and the more in tune we are with it,
the closer we get to the truth of goodness.
Align your life-lines with the sky-lines,
just like the Maya did,
power lines in their buildings,
their dances, their rituals, their poetry, their art,
their agriculture, their work, their dreams,
and their sciences aligned with the sea of stars,
every corner, every window, doors, angles, altitudes,
latitudes, moves, words, poetry and different dimensions,
like antennas and satellites connecting the people with mother earth and with the cosmos,
dancing the dance of the seasons,
moving, living, loving and working in harmony in a cosmic symphony of real human cosmic integrity....”

The Circle is over for the night, the She-Spirit guards The Camp, The Elders go for a Pipe, The Tribal Leaders go to their tribes and The Dreamer...
goes on Dreaming...

still another indian prophecy...

...”It is said that in these times
the spirit of the indigenous peoples will be reborn in all races
and would gather together in this land of Amerikua,
Turtle Island...
A portion of the different races of the rainbow colors
would see that we are all one family.
These Warriors of The Rainbow
would bring with them
a new time of living in harmony with Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants”.
Heyoehkah Merrifield, Cherokee.

Taken from: Luix Saldaña / Alter-Natives Re-Evolution

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