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Claus Sterneck / Claus in Iceland
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Wolfgang Sterneck
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- Living Theatre / Paradise Now
- Living Theatre / Anarchy

Living Theatre:


being free is only a partial state of being
freedom is only the beginning
all creative action forms out of some kind of freedom
nothing bearable happens without some kind of freedom
after we get it there’s beautiful work to do
nobody ever all free yet
i contest the suicide theory
all we want now is freedom
paradise one is the man woman freeedom bird
paradise one works freely
paradise two feels free
paradise two is free to worry about other things
to be free is to be free of hunger
to be free is to be free of privilege and will of law
the external law of the state for instance
paradise three worries about things we can’t worry about yet
paradise now is how to get there
paradise four is how to be and how not to be
there is only partial being with and without freedom
in paradise you are free
paradise is not everythingthen come paradise five and then six and then maybe paradise sixty
it is because we know these things that we revolutionists bear the name of realists

I am not allowed to travel without a passport. I cannot travel freely. I cannot move about at will!
I am separated from my fellow man. My boundaries are set arbitrarily by others.
The gates of paradise are closed to me.
I am not allowed to smoke marijuana.
I am not allowed to take my clothes off. The body itself, that of which we are made, is taboo.
We are ashamed of that which is most beautiful. We are afraid of that which is most beautiful.
We may not act naturally towards one another. The culture represses love.
By this time the cast would have reached their undergarments
and the police would move in to arrest them.
I am not allowed to take my clothes off.
I am outside the gates of paradise.


Living Theatre:


a is for alice
n is for new
a is for another or also
r is for reefers rebirth and repose
c is for cock or cunt
h is for harvest
y is for you

Living Theatre:

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