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Claus Sterneck / Claus in Iceland
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Wolfgang Sterneck
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SONICS - Cybertribe-Network for Rhythm and Change

Some groups of the Network have their focal point in the organization of imaginative parties, some others experiment with forms of musical expression, some projects have a countercultural point of view, some inform basically about psycho-active substances. They have great variation, but they are all idealistic communities, they are little cybertribes.

With our projects we all want to create inner and outer rooms in different circles of life.

Rooms in which we dance, laugh and love. Rooms which stand for development and ecstasy. Rooms in which we create together something new in daily life. Rooms with which we resist. Rooms which we dream and rooms which are real at the same time. Rooms as an imaginary experiment. Rooms as an expression of change. Rooms as floating rhythms ...

SONICS - 11. June 1999.